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At ViiSana, we want to protect our customers and inspire them to lead healthy lives, which is why we only sell Vitality’s 5-star, award winning health and life insurance.

Life Insurance

With Vitality’s Life insurance you’re not just protecting your family’s future, you’ll also enjoy access to a range of discounts and rewards that help you to get more out of life.

Vitality Life insurance cover at a glance

  • You can choose to add Whole of Life Cover, incorporating Lifestyle Care Cover which gives you access to some or all of your life cover early if you need it to look after yourself as you grow older.
  • Your policy pays lump sum payments in event of death, or if you’re diagnosed with a terminal condition.
  • If you wish, you can add ‘Vitality Optimiser*’ to your plan for access to enhanced benefits and rewards, an upfront discount on your protection premium* and the opportunity to keep it low in the future. (*Applies to Life Insurance plans only)
  • Their Mortgage Plus option combines life benefit and cover as well as the costs of living in the event of a serious illness.

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Serious Illness Insurance

Serious Illness Cover is important, as most people have a much higher risk of getting ill than dying.

Vitality Life insurance cover at a glance

  • Unlike normal critical illness cover, Vitality’s Serious Illness Cover provides you with a proportional benefit, paying between 5 and 200% of cover amount taken depending on the severity of the condition.
  • It offers more cover than other policies, including the option to cover 166 comprehensive conditions.
  • You also have the option to cover your children on the same policy.
  • If you choose both serious illness and life insurance you can choose to protect your premiums in the event of a claim.

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Income Protection Insurance

Income Protection Insurance from Vitality enables you to protect your most important asset – your income.

Vitality Life insurance cover at a glance

  • Should you suffer an illness, injury or disability that leaves you unable to work, Income Protection Cover from Vitality provides you with a monthly tax-free income to cover your essential bills until you’re well enough to go back to work.
  • Choose from a range of cover options to suit your budget – from short-term to long term.

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There are other providers of Payment Protection Insurance [Short-Term Income Protection] and other products designed to protect you against loss of income. For impartial information about insurance, please visit the website at

Health Insurance

Vitality’s Private Health Insurance gives you access to the best possible medical care.

Vitality Health insurance cover at a glance

  • Plans include Full Cover for consultants’ fees, which means there’s no shortfalls, as long as the condition is eligible on the plan and the consultant is recognised by Vitality.
  • Choice of consultant from the hospital list you’ve selected.
  • Seeing a GP can take your time. With their Vitality GP(1) app you can book a private video consultation with a GP within 48 hours(2) at a time convenient for you.
  • You could also receive quarterly cashback if you’re a non-smoker, subject to the terms and conditions published by Vitality.
(1) The Vitality GP app is available on Apple (iOS7 or above) and Android (4.4 or above) platforms only.
(2) The video consultation service is available from 0800 – 1900 Monday – Friday and 0900 – 1300 Saturdays, excluding Bank Holidays.

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What our customers say

 I have experienced excellent customer service from ViiSana. My consultant was both professional and knowledgeable, being happy to answer any queries I had relating to options available and which would best suit my needs.